The Banner of Jihad in Nigeria by Ansar

||| The Banner of Jihad in Nigeria |||

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Salaam Alaykom wa rahmatollah wa barakatuh,

in the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation; Lord and Supporter of the oppressed monotheists; Breaker and Vanquisher of unjust tyrants. Peace and blessings be upon the Seal of the Prophets, and their master; Imam and exemplar of the Mujahideen; and upon his household and his companions and those guided by his guidance; revive his Sunnah until the Day of Judgment.

{Victory from Allah and an imminent conquest; and give good tidings to the believers}. (As-Saf 61:13)

To proceed:


There was a time were we only used to hear about the oppression of the Palestinian people on the hands of the Zionist Jews. Well, those days are over! The Muslims in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkestan, Chechnya and Nigeria are tasting the oppression of an enemy which is worse than the Jews. Worse than the Jews? Yes! The Zionist Jews who have a heart of stone have more mercy in their hearts than the oppressors of Syria, Iraq and Nigeria. The border guards of the Zionist army are having a good time on the Israeli-Syrian border. Imagine that a Zionist border guard calls his parents, friends, girlfriend and invites them to his workplace. The border guard cleans his office and prepares a bottle of expensive champagne. One of his trainees welcomes the visitors and leads them into the office. The border guard greets his parents, friends and girlfriend. His parents ask him why are you so happy? are you getting transferred from this horrible place? The border guard looks outside and says no. His girl friend looks at him as if she is waiting for him to go on his knee and ask her to marry him. He looks at his friends, parents and girlfriend and says with a happy voice "Sit down and enjoy the view" They look outside and see the thick smoke rising from the cities of Syria. They all lean backwards and look outside while they are sipping the expensive champagne. Every time they hear the sound of a falling mortar or rocket they laugh and say "Our worst enemies (The Muslim) are getting killed by their own flesh and blood.

I've been following the latest developments in Nigeria. Many events happened which we need to study carefully and read between the lines of the news reports. unfortunately we don't have other sources than the main stream media sources like AL-jazeera, Reuters, AP and other global news agencies. There are many ways to distinguish between false and true reports. I've contacted some of my private sources who confirmed some news reports and denied others.

Background Info
First I want to give some background information about Nigeria and it's population. Nigeria, is a federal republic comprising 36 states. Nigeria is located in West Africa and borders with Chad, Cameroon, Benin and Niger. Nigeria is mixed with Muslims, Christians and other indigenous beliefs.

- Muslims (50 %)
- Christians (40%)
- Indigenous belief (10%)

The economy of Nigeria depends largely on Oil.

Crusader Campaign
The global crusader campaign against the Islamic Ummah is expanding day by day. What started as a crusader campaign against the Muslims in Afghanistan evolved into a global war against what is called the Salafi Jihady movement. The crusaders and their allies are working day and night to stop the expanding influence of the Global Jihady Movements. There is no doubt that the crusader west have the best means to fight a war. They have advanced weapons, trained soldiers, financial resources and support from the leading parties. The sons of Napoleon made a huge mistake when they unthinkingly believed what napoleon said about the creator of the heavens and the earth "God fights on the side with the best artillery." In the passed 10 years we have witnessed the signs of our Lord in the fields of Jihad. We know what happened and what is still happening to our enemies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Chechnya. But we know little about the Jihad in Nigeria. The Crusaders In Nigeria in cooperation with the crusaders west are fighting the Muslims in Nigeria through many ways. They have deployed thousands of christian missionaries in Nigeria to make the Muslims apostate from their religion. The crusaders know that the Muslims in Nigeria are poor people who don't have the means and opportunities to live a normal life. One of their tactics is to send christian missionaries to poor Muslim villages and try to buy their beliefs with money. They have used this tactic for almost 4 decades. all praise be to Allah, they have failed miserably. The Muslims are still holding on the rope of Allah (SWT). The state of the Muslims in Nigeria is the same like any other Muslim country. Most Nigerian Muslims don't know the true meaning of the religion. It's very shocking to hear that the average Muslim doesn't know the basics of the Islamic faith. This has to do with many factors; illiteracy , poverty, tribalism, nationalism, politics and the list goes on. But this is going to change very soon with the permission of Allah.

The Banner of Jihad
With the grace of Allah alone, Nigeria has become a land of martyrdom and Jihad. The youth of the Masajid have answered the call of Jihad. The flag has been raised, the Amir is appointed and the Mujahideen are prepared to fight for the sake of Allah. There is always a main reason for the establishment of a Jihady group in a Muslim land. The massacre of the Muslims in Jos and other cities of Nigeria are only small factors of the many factors which led to the establishment of the banner of Jihad in Nigeria. There are thousands of Muslim men and women dying in underground prisons and torture chambers on the hands of the crusader thugs. And Allah knows best what is hidden.
Allah says in the Qur'an:
And how could you refuse to fight [89] in the cause of God and of the utterly helpless men and women and children who are crying, "O our Sustainer! Lead us forth [to freedom] out of this land whose people are oppressors, and raise for us, out of Thy grace, a protector, and raise for us, out of Thy grace, one who will bring us succour!" (An-Nisa 4:75)

The more oppression and destruction against the Muslims how stronger and fierce full the Jihad will be against the crusaders and the apostates. The more pressure on the diamond the more beautiful it will be. The blood of a mujahid is a curse upon the crusaders and apostates. The heart of the Islamic Ummah is still bleeding from the day we saw the execution of the Mujahideen and their leaders in Nigeria. The blood of Mohammed Yusuf (May Allah Have Mercy on him) will not go in vain. What still amazes me is the stupidity of the puppets and crusaders. Every time when they announce the martyrdom of a leader they always claim that this will be the end of the organization. In Iraq the apostates and rejectionists were celebrating the death of Al-Zarqawi, as if the death of a leader will shut down the light of Jihad. After Al-Zarqawi we got Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi and After Abu Umar we got Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. The same process happened in Nigeria. After the martyrdom of Mohammed Yusuf we got Sheikh Abubakar Shekau (May Allah protect him). There is no escape from the shining light of Jihad. The Jihady groups are like trees, they grow by the blood of the martyred commanders and leaders.

Jama'at Ahlus Sunnah lil Da'wah wal Jihad / Boko Haram / Taliban Nigeria ???

The media of today, with their satellite channels and their writers, agents, and poets are carrying out the most horrible defamation campaign against the Mujahideen. According to the western media agencies the Mujahideen are nothing more than a bunch of religious fanatics who hate freedom and women rights. According to the eastern media agencies the Mujahideen are criminals who are working for the Zionist Jews. According to the northern media agencies the Mujahideen are CIA trained agents who cause mischief on earth. Isn't funny that they are blaming the Mujahideen of something that does not correspond to reality. Did you know that Elvis and frank Sinatra are having a party on the Moon? Are you surprised? You should not be surprised at all! The war between the Mujahideen and the crusaders is not only fought by the sword. The war for hearts and minds is equally important as the war on the ground. Some of you are probably still thinking about Elvis and Sinatra on the moon... I used it as an example because many people believe this nonsense. They believe this because of their blind faith and the conspiracy machine that is filling the internet with such claims. What I'm trying to say is that, the blamers will always keep blaming the mujahideen with falsehood. Didn't they accuse the messengers of Allah?! Don't worry, Allah is on our side.

Allah the Most high, says,Verily Allah will defend those who believe, verily, Allah loves not any that is a traitor to faith or shows ingratitude.” [Al Qur’an 22:38]

The Mujahideen in Nigeria have made it very clear that the name of their organization is Jama'at Ahlus Sunnah lil Da'wah wal Jihad. It seems that the News agencies don't care anymore what the other side is saying. Most of the journalists who are working for the global media agencies are nothing more than cheap prostitutes who are following the richest pimp. For example; the mujahideen in Iraq declared the establishment of the Islamic state of Iraq in 2006. Al-Qaeda is one of the many groups which pledged their allegiance to the leader of the Islamic state of Iraq. six years later the global news agencies are still calling the Mujahideen in Iraq Al-Qaeda members. I know that they are not going change the name in their reports because this will destroy their previous reports about the Mujahideen. If you ask any American or European citizen about the Islamic state of Iraq they will frown their eyebrows because they never heard or read something about this group.

"The first casualty of War is Truth" (Quotations)

The strength of the Mujahideen In Nigeria

The Mujahideen have clearly changed their tactics after the massacre in 2009. What I understand from the reports is that in 2009 the Muslims were only protecting their villages from the attacks of the crusaders. Protecting a village against enemy attacks is not the same as planning an attack against the enemy. In 2009 the Muslims had no plans as they have now. This means that after the Massacre something suddenly changed within the Muslim masses. We could compare it with the rise of the Taliban movement after the civil war. There was no official Taliban movement during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. What triggered the rise of the Taliban was the rape of some young Muslim girls in a village near to where Mullah Omar used to teach his students the holy Qur'an. After he received this news he encouraged his students to fight the oppressors and raise the banner of Tawhid. There is always something that changes the whole situation. Back to Nigeria: After the "2009 massacre" the Muslims finally woke up and began to prepare themselves for something more important and that is, the establishment of a Jihady group which fights under the banner of the Global Jihady movement. The Mujahiden in Nigeria realized that they are able to do what their African brothers are doing in Somalia. The latest operations against the worshipers of the cross showed the whole world that the Mujahideen of Nigeria are not just some rebels who are roaming around the land. The attacks on the police stations in Kano and the martyrdom attacks in the Capital Abuja, clearly shows us that the Mujahiden have organized them selves to fight this war. Now that the Mujahideen have declared war on the West and the Nigerian infidels they need to focus on how to cause destruction in the ranks of the enemy. Are they focusing only on Police and military forces? or on all security forces and western targets?

Declaration of War against the Nigerian Government and their Crusader Masters

The black slaves in the Nigerian Government are not working alone in their fight against the Mujahideen in Nigeria. There are many countries which are backing up the Nigerian government with money, weapons and intelligence in order to harm the Mujahideen. The crusaders are getting tired from the heavy strikes of the Mujahideen in the lands of Jihad. They don't have the will and power to focus on all Salafi jihady groups. The generals of the crusader west are launching wars by using mercenaries. They are doing this in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Kenya and other Muslim lands. They have deployed proxy government militias in order to preserve their own soldiers. We need to understand that the war in Nigeria is not only between the Nigerian Muslims and Christians but it is a war between the Mujahideen and the global crusader alliance. There are many groups which are fighting governments but they are not being targeted by the Crusader west. for example; The crusaders are not fighting the Niger Delta rebels. They know that these people are fighting for the sake of black gold and other resources. It is just a matter of time and they will vanish from the earth as if they never existed. But if we look at the Mujahideen from a Western perspective we will see a huge difference. The war between the Mujahideen and the west is a war of beliefs, honor, and rights. These three essential things are not for sale.

What we are going to see in the next coming weeks or months is an increase of attacks against police stations, military bases, intelligence headquarters, and western targets.

1: The attacks against the police will weaken the presence of the security forces in the north which will make it easy for the mujahideen to recruit new members and spread their ideas.
The attacks against the military bases will benefit the mujahideen in many ways but the most important are the huge weapon depots. There are two reasons why I think that weapon depots are important for the Mujahideen.
  • If we analyze the surge of the Mujahideen in Yemen we find that after they stormed the military bases in the southern cities they became strong in numbers.
  • The shortage of weapons was one of the biggest bottlenecks for the Mujahideen. The new recruits did not get a personal weapon because there were simply no weapons. After the Mujahideen stormed the weapon depots in Zinjibar and other places they were able to arm the new recruits. Let say that they have enough weapons to fight the enemy for years.
3: The attacks on the intelligence headquarters can be virtual and military.
  • The virtual attacks could break down the system and keep the enemy on a dark path.
  • The military attacks will eliminate the specialist who are working for the Intelligence services. We could compare it with the death of the CIA team in Khost. It is better to kill 5 Intelligence agents than 10.000 puppets.
4: The attacks on the western targets will weaken the economy of both sides. Imagine what will happen to the Nigerian Government when the huge oil concerns leave the country.
Message to Badluck Jonathan

Mister good luck Johnson, do you know the story of al-qusa'i....? al-qusa'i was a Arab marksmen who never missed his targets. One day he was walking through the forest and he saw a beautiful piece of wood. When he picked up the piece of wood he believed that he can beat every marksmen in the area. He took the peace of wood and made a beautiful longbow and five arrows. After he finished with everything he went hunting. After a while he saw gazelle but he couldn't see it very well because it was dark outside. He took one of his arrows and aimed at the gazelle and fired. He thought that he would hit the gazelle but he saw a spark in the distance. When he saw the spark he thought that he missed the target. He was shocked because he never missed his targets before. He shot his second arrow and again he saw a spark. He did this with all of his five arrows. When he shot his last arrow he became very angry and crushed the longbow with his hands. He became tired and decided to take a nap. When he woke up in the morning he saw a big gazelle lying in a pool of blood. He approached the Gazelle and saw that the arrows penetrated the gazelle and bounced against a large stone. When he saw this he remembered that he broke his longbow. Because of his deep regrets he bite of his fingers.
{And Allah is predominant over His affair, but most of the people do not know.} (Yusuf 12:21)

O Allah, grant victory to the Mujahedeen over their enemy… Don’t make them reliant on their sayings and doings, and be merciful upon them and be for them and not against them… O Allah, make them from the believers who remember You and fear You and rely on You truly, and make them, O Allah, from the repenting worshippers who fear and obey You… O Allah, make them from those who are the victors before You, those who are deserving of Your victory.. O Allah, reveal upon them your victory, O Lord of the worlds… O Allah, reveal upon them your victory and make them steadfast and shake the earth from below the feet of their enemies, O Victory granter O Helper!

And Allah knows best… and peace and blessings of Allah on our Prophet Muhammad and on his family and companions altogether…

Don't forget me in your prayers
Was salaam Alaykom,

The poor and weak servant of Allah

Monday February 20th 2012