Syria divided into two zones?


Leaked information about possible agreement between the US and Russia on the Syrian issue, a clearer outline of the bloody scene in Syria emerged before the eyes of the entire world.

The general outlines of this arrangement looks like that: Syria is divided into two zones. One part is for the Alawite regime (in fact, for Iran and Russia), and the second part is given for control to so-called "national coalition", which was formed by the West in Qatar.

The power component of the "national Coalition" will be allotted to the Free Syrian Army, which is now actively "brainwashed", as not all the units of the FSA (*) want to go under the patronage of a pro-Western puppet gang.

"Jihadists" (i.e., the Mujahideen of Jabhat al-Nusrah, Al Qaeda, etc.) are proclaimed common enemy of the pro-western puppet "national coalition", the FSA, Russia, the US and Iran.

This alignment promotes the interests of Iran, which would only welcome the Middle East, consisting of collapsing and weak states whose governments cannot maintain monopoly on the use of force.

In fact, this has been achieved by creation of Hezbollah, the Mahdi Army and a part of Hamas and is a tool of Iranian policy in the region.

A specific feature in this regard would be an open involvement of Iraq (still dependent on the United States) in the war, whose units have recently begun to bombard rebel positions inside Syria.

The Baghdad regime of rafidites entered into the war after threatening statements by the so-called "prime minister" Nuri al-Maliki who said that the collapse of the Assad regime would cause "a splash of the war in neighboring countries of the region, and would bring jihadists to power..."

According to Syrian opposition, Iraqi troops are placed along the border. The Baghdad regime troops have been conducting mortar and artillery strikes on the positions of the Free Syrian Army at locations around the al-Ya'roubia border crossing in Hasaka province for several days already.

The Syrian opposition posted a video showing a transfer of Iraqi military equipment and weapons across the border to the forces of Assad.

It is to be recalled that the apostate regime in Yemen (also under control of the US) have been participating in the war on the side of Assad for several months already.

On Sunday, it was reported that Jordan has announced a reward for any information about the brigade of Jabhat al-Nusrah and its leaders. Jordan previously extradited to the Assad regime a pilot who had deserted from Syria along with the aircraft.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps (including aviation), the Russian GRU, the formation of the Lebanese Shiite gang Hezbollah, which just recently occupied 8 villages in the region of Homs have long been openly fighting on the side.

Russia and Iran are actively supplying the Assad regime not only with manpower but also with military hardware. And these weapons, despite a so-called "international embargo", are openly imported through the ports of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and some European countries.

In recent days, there has been sharp increase in missile attacks on the positions of the FSA and the Mujahideen. While last year only 2-3 Scud missiles were fired, the Scuds now strike every day and night - 3-5 missile per day.

The Asadites use chemical weapons, albeit locally, but these facts are completely ignored by the Western alliance, which hypocritically threatened with "severe retaliation" in case of the use of chemical weapons.

In fact, the Syrian front separate in our eyes more clearly the global participants of the conflict on two opposing sides, rips off the masks and reveals their real goals. On one side, it is the international alliance of infidelity, which includes infidel states and their puppets from the so-called Muslim rulers, and the other - the Mujahideen and ordinary Muslims who declared their intention to restore the Sharia of Allah.

Despite disparate material resources, the actual unification of all forces of global infidelity against a handful of sincere Muslims, the Mujahideen are advancing, capturing more and more territories. And this happens despite the absence of weapons, equipment, logistics ,and sometimes even elementary shoes.

Daily victories are taking place, despite accusations of the Mujahideen by inactive Muslims within the worldwide conspiracy. The Jihad in Sham is a gift from Allah to Islamic Community.

Abdullah ibn Hawalah [Allah's blessings be on him] narrated from the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) that he said:

"Matters will run their course until you become three armies: an army in Sham, an army in Yemen, and an army in Iraq".

Ibn Hawalah said:

"Choose for me, O Messenger of Allah! in case I live to see that day".

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:

"You should go to Sham, for it is the best of Allah's lands, and the best of His slaves will be drawn there!

And if you refuse, then you should go to the Yemen and drink from its wells. For Allah has guaranteed me that He will look after Sham and its people!"

(Imam Ahmad 4/110, Abu Dawud 2483. Authenticated by Imam Abu Hatim, Imam ad-Diya al-Maqdisi, Sheikh al-Albani and Sheikh Shu'aib Al-Arnaut).

(*) not all! u have 2 sides the ones that are under the influence of the zionist national coalition put there by the west and then you have the true mujahideen that want to establish sharia ,khilafa and fighting for our ummah and the deen of Allah! they are under the wings of our Mujahideen Lions Jabhat Al Nusrah( AHRAR AL SHAM ,LIWA AL TAWHEED ,BATTALIONS FROM Aisha Mother of Believers AND MANY MORE BRIGADES just to mention a few .