Bilad al-Sham...

The Prophet called al-Shâm the purest of the lands of Allah Most High, the place where Religion, belief and safety are found in the time of dissension, and the home of the saints for whose sake Allah sends sustenance to the people and victory to Muslims over their enemies. The following is a list of hadiths relevant to the immense merits of al-Shâm:

  The Prophet said: "Blessings to al-Shâm, blessings to al-Shâm, blessings to al-Shâm!" (yâ tûbâ li al-Shâm). They asked why and he replied: "Because the wings of the angels of the Merciful are lowered over it."
Ibn `Abd al-Salam said: "This is an allusion to the fact that Allah has put certain angels in charge of guarding Shâm and protecting it. This is in agreement with the hadith of `Abd Allah ibn Hawala that states that they [the people of Shâm] are under His guarantee (kafâla) and His care."