Syrian govt troops brought young FSA soldier’s fiancée, sisters, mother & female neighbors to Syrian prison in which he was being held. One by one, he said, they were raped in front of him. The 18-year-old had been an FSA soldier for less than a month when he was picked up. The other men detained with him were all raped, he told the doctor. When Kanawati asked if he, too, was raped, he went silent. #Syria
1 of 3 sisters describe how grp of Assad forces came to their house in Homs,tied up their father&brother& raped the 3 women in front of them. The woman cried as she went on to describe how after raping them the soldiers opened their legs &burned their vaginas with cigarettes. They allegedly told the women during this: “You want freedom? This is your freedom.” The psychiatrist asked one of the three sisters, who was holding a baby, “Is that baby from the rape?” The woman changed the subject. “The girls would generally be shot when everyone had finished,” the soldier said. “They wanted it to be known in neighborhoods that girls had been raped, but didn’t want girls to survive & be able to identify them later”. She has interviewed dozens of refugees who may have been raped or otherwise sexually tortured, mostly in Homs. She described how women have repeatedly told her that their neighbors were raped, usually by more than one man #Syria
each time extraordinary detail the women give & trauma they exhibit tells her that story isn’t about a “neighbor” but the woman herself. They stripped my girls frm their clothes, raped them then killed them w/ knives shouting”You want freedom?This is the best brand of freedom”