Reaction of Islamic Emirate regarding massacre in Kunar


1-ghIt is with great sorrow that reports have been received from Kunar province’s Shigal district that indiscriminate airstrikes and direct shootings by invaders and hireling troops in Soltan valley has left twenty two (22) innocent civilians martyred most of which are women and children. The incident unfolded after the foreign invaders and their hirelings suffered heavy losses after facing stiff Mujahideen resistance while trying to launch an operation in the area. The enemy, in accordance with its normal protocol, began indiscriminate blind airstrikes which caused the above mentioned losses, amongst which are thirteen children, on top of which 6 Mujahideen were also martyred in the face to face clashes, Surely to Allah we belong and to him is the return.
Locals of the area, while trying to take the bodies of the martyrs to the district bazaar to protest this crime and show the world the innocence of the oppressed Afghans, were encountered by puppet forces who retaliated with indiscriminate fire, causing the civilians further casualties.
We ask all independent and free institutions, human right organizations and media outlets, as is your due obligation, to break your long silence against the crimes of the invaders and the Kabul regime’s army, police and Arbakis (militia) perpetrated throughout the country. As you promote the beautiful slogans of impartiality and peace therefore you must practically show it to the nation and the world. If you really want the nation to view you as their well-wishers then now is your opportunity to not close your eyes on the crime of the invaders and their hirelings perpetrated against your nation. Publish a written statement at the very least!
The Islamic Emirate condemns the above mentioned unforgivable crime of the invaders and Karzai’s abhorrent regime and assures its oppressed nation that it shall avenge your martyred women, elderly and children. The Islamic Emirate shares the grief of its countrymen and asks Allah (SWT) for patience, perseverance and a high place in Jannah for the martyrs.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
22/05/1434         07/04/2013