VIDEO: brother Lehsen kidnapped by the shia/alawite DST (Moroccan Intelligence service)



Abduction in Morocco of the Dutch Moroccan brother Lehsen by the DST (Alawite/Shia Moroccan Intelligence service)

Brother Lehsen, a Dutch citizen of Moroccan origin, is in his twenties and visit’s Morocco frequently for assisting his mother who returned to Morocco, he himself lives in Amsterdam.

Last Tuesday (16/04/2013) Lehsen was abducted by the Moroccan authorities at close range of his parental home in the district at-Tawaabil (Tetouane). According to witnesses the officers were dressed in civilian clothes.

After closer examination it became clear he’s being held in Casablanca where he will be interrogated and will be brought before the court.

This message is based on a statement, released on 16/04/2013, by Tansiqiyah, a Moroccan human right organization that stands up for the rights of prisoners of conscience.

We do an urgent request on anyone who is able to help in any way, shape or form.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently for this time being.

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Haroen Moussa