The Chechen genocide in parallel with the Syrian genocide


Last year, Assad's evil media claims that the Custom Department captured 258,000 Captagon pills but in the reality it was meant for the Syrian army to stay awake. This tactic was also used during the second world war by Hitler. Russian president Vladimir Putin studied the Nazi regime in Dresden (Stasi) in the eighties together with Wanja G├Âtz (secret agent KGB linked to Rainer Wolf and Marc Dutroux). Putin ordered his army to swallow amphetamine pills too because of the positive effects and to boost the army's moral after some huge losses. The result was terrible. Communist Russia's genocide should be recorded in memory for once and for all.
It started fifteen years ago.
It happened during the second Chechen war. Putin stole the natural resources of the Chechens and the plan was to export the gas true pipelines linking Grozny with Tartous. Assad is his major ally in the region and the Russian genocidiaire advised him to order his army to swallow amphetamine pills too. The result: GENOCIDE, GENOCIDE AND AGAIN GENOCIDE. And who are the evil terrorists? The United Nations who are backing them.

16 year old boy taken into custody by Syrian authorities and returned home like this. 

8 year old girl taken into custody by Russian authorities and returned home like this.