This Chief Editor of the monthly magazine An-Najah, then compared the treatment by the soldiers of Bashar Assad's Shi'ah Nusairiyyah and the militiamen of the Shi'ah Sabihah or Shi'ah Hizbullah of Lebanon, on the Sunni Muslims.

“Due to their extreme cruelty, a lot of children are killed by them. A lot of the female are raped. They are lucky, if after being raped they are left alive, because many of them are killed after being raped,” he explained.

“One of the Mujahideen have told us that it is his small son who look for sustenance for the family, the wife and other children he left behind, because if his mother or sisters go out of the house to look for sustenance, there is a big chance that they will be arrested by the Shi'ahs. At the very least, those women will be raped after being arrested, and at most will be killed. Thus, how despicable they are,” he concluded.