Use of Tor for funding Russian child pornographic industry for blackmail purposes

Bismillah Arrahman Arrahim

The international network not only protects the identities of paedophiles who visit a website but also allows child porn sites to be anonymously hosted on the Tor network itself. Russian, Dutch, Belgian, Albanian and Bulgarian Organized Crime Groups have used that capability to raise money for their cause and offer instructions on how to get a "chicken" (child blackmail victim).

“Tor help fund the child slavery without leaving a trace,” Censored31 said and "dozens more child porn sites hosted on the Tor network pleads guilty as charged". The sites which are accessible through a standard PC web browser—allows democratic peaodophiles to anonymously donate to mostly Russian Organized crime group that says it has members based in the United States, the Netherlands, Italy, UK, Belgium, France, Morocco, Germany and South America.
“We are currently working with "recent" peaodophiles and secret sources to leak information and to struggle to establish a new front both in the EU and around the world,” Censored31 says.
Rich democratic peaodophiles can use Tor to anonymously pay to the organized crime group to rent a baby, a child for an hour or the whole night in a hotel. This accessible information shows that Tor has been a third party to hundreds of thousands transactions, all in 2012.
We have found out that democratic peaodophiles can easily click on a choice list to get an up-to-date collection of young children. The lists of choices indicated that these activities attracts not too much surveillance and are not even monitored by the special crime units of EUROPOL. We have decided that we would begin to gather resources through the dark Internet,” Censored31 adds. Through Tor and others, the organized crime site can do so anonymously.
Directed to these pages, Europol’s current Director is Rob Wainwright, denied that it was evidence that Russian organized groups use the network,
he said in an email to A.
“Maybe it’s run by Islamic terrorists who are hunting down IP addresses,” Rob Wainwright suggested, noting that accessing the site through a standard web browser does not protect visitors’ identities. “Maybe it’s run by the mob. Maybe law enforcement agencies like the CIPAL affair,” Censored31 added.
Lewman insisted that there is “no hard evidence that peaodophiles use Tor.”