VIDEO: Al Emara Jihadi studio presents 'Shorab Operation 34' (HQ)


CaptureYYYYThe Multimedia department of Cultural Commission presents a new production (no. 34) by Al Emara Jihadi studio entitled 'Shorab Operation'.

The film contains footage of the wills and training of 15 valiant Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate who carried out a martyrdom operation on the largest base of foreign invaders in Helmand province known as Shorab/Camp Bastion/Camp Leatherneck in september 2012. The video also contains reports about the material and human losses of the enemy as well as its effectiveness and scope along with the confessions of the enemy.

The Shorab operation was carried out to take revenge for the insult by the enemies of Islam towards the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in a produced film. The video starts with explaining that ridiculing and mocking the Prophet Muhamamd (SAW) are not individual acts but rather the direct planned actions of the west. To prove the point, clips of high ranking western officials have been provided where they have been applauded for abusing and insulted the pure nature of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Another part of the video contains footage of missile strikes against Shorab airbase as well as direct attacks on the foreign invaders in Helmand province .

Similarly, the video contains new and beautiful spirit stirring Taranas (poetry recital) in the voice of the famous personality of Islamic Emirate 'Al Hajj Mullah Faqir Muhammad Darwesh'.

The video is a total of one hour and four minutes and can be downloaded from the links below.

MP4 quality (641 MB)