VIDEO: Washing the feet of Syria's most vulnerable with love from @moeshriek


Christian missionaries are trying to recruit followers in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. Their work is carried out with full support of king Abdullah of Jordan. Taking advantage of difficult situation of Syrian refugees, lack of basic life-saving supplies, missionary group together the World Health Organization meet Muslims to corrupt them with false creed. Authorities of the Jordan King provide Christian missionaries with all necessary things for their "dawah." Drawing lessons from ostentatious "love and care" manipulative tactics, these "peacekeepers" are using gifts and treats and are looking for potential victims from amongst the tortured and deprived Muslims of Syria, deprived of their livelihoods and roof over their heads. Obviously, the Crusades against Islam have not ceased, but only took new forms. This video shows fragments of a baptism ritual of Muslim women who succumbed to the temptation. These facts prove the treacherous nature of rotten regimes in Muslim countries which sell Islam to infidels for a piece of worldly bread. These so-called "Islamic" rulers remain blind to the needs of Muslims, but immediately regain their sight and are brought to life when Muslims begin to solve their problems for themselves, declaring them terrorists, takfiri's, Kharijites, criminals.