AGITPROP: Vlad Putin is willing to create chaos in the world for his pipeline relying Grozny and Tartous to Europe


It's crystal clear for the Islamic Center for Research and Security Studies (ICRSS). 

Putin's incitement and propaganda section (otdel agitatsii i propagandy) is behind each and every destablisation campaign to undermine, and possibly topple governments.  

We saw FEMEN in front of mosques in Tunis, Paris, Brussels. A wave of propaganda in an attempt to persuade people to believe in what is not true

We saw EDL in London to provoke Muslims. 

Pavlo Lapshyn (25) was arrested for the terrorist attacks on mosques too, the Ukranian KGB puppet is formally charged with the assassination of Mohammed Saleem, which occurred April 29, 2013.

We saw a huge campaign in Turkey and Egypt afterwards. 

The Russians are trying their best in France too. We saw "Bloc Identitaire" on the roof of a mosque making Nazi salute. A train went off the railway at Bretigny-sur-Orge, Muslim woman loses baby after veil attack in Argenteuil, pain ball was shot in the eye of 14 year old boy by police in Trappes during riots.

In Spain another train went off the railway yesterday. 

The Flemish Agitpropbyuro ("Vlaams Belang") was also very active to convey an extreme message via television programmes, internet, radio and newspapers concerning ethnic division true radical Islam (Shariah4Belgium) and with the Blokkendoos aka Abu Ghraib where severe child maltreatment, sexual abuse and rape of toddlers mainly from Muslim families with the intent to provoke the minority group as such in Antwerp

At the International trains stop at The Hague Holland-Spoor (Den Haag HS), a woman of 19 years was beaten last week because she was wearing a niqab.

All these countries have one thing in common. Their direct or indirect support for the FSA against taghout and genocidiaire Bashar al-Assad. 

Communist Russia wants to protect their interests in the region (pipeline Grozny - Tartous) at all costs. The Russians killed 300.000 men, women and children to steal Chechen gas. They are willing to provoke civil war in EU if it has to.

Putin's disclosures around the National Security Agency's Prism project have reignited tensions between Europe and the US over data privacy.

Vlad 'genocidiaire' Putin will do anything to create chaos between the Muslim community and the host societies. This mass murderer will do anything to create division between allies. It's also an old technique of agitprop - отдел агитации и пропаганды (otdel agitatsii Propagandy i) of seizing all opportunities to cause riots to install chaos, doubt, suspicion, disgust to appear at the appropriate time, as the only possible liberator loyal to...Vladimir Putin.