Were Abu Ghraib and Taji prisons completely overrun by ISIS? By abu_analyst

Were Abu Ghraib and Taji prisons completely overrun by ISIS?  

If yes, then there is no doubt that the number of escaped prisoners is in the thousands. Because Taji alone had 6,000-7,000 prisoners[2]. Abughraib too had more than 4,000 prisoners.
Ofcourse, it remains to be seen that how much of them can be recaptured by Iraq’s forces. But if pictures of Abughraib and Taji prisons are released to the media then it can be correctly assessed that how much were freed. If the prisons were indeed completely overrun then surely the number is in 1000s.
This is what was claimed by the jihadis that they took over all of Taji prison and AbuGhraib prison. Now jihadi sources are reporting the figure of 7,000, though some twitter users like @reyadiraq have asked the followers to refrain from giving any figure until an official statement by Islamic State’s ministry of information.
How would this victory boost ISIS ?
This attack will without a doubt strenghten ISIS in an unprecedented manner.
  • ISIS will be seen as “saviours” by Iraq’s Sunnis. These Sunnis have been protesting for months for the release of the prisoners. Iraq’s Sunni politicians and tribal leaders also took up the issue. But after this operation, ISIS has scored a major victory against Iraq’s Sunnipoliticians and Tribal leaders. It will immensely boost their popularity among Iraqi Sunnis.
  • ISIS will gain more respect in jihadi community. Specially when there were doubts about them after split with JN. Online Jihadi analysts like @asadaljehad2 and @strategyaffairs accused ISIS of being infiltrated. This time the supporters of ISIS were gleefully taunting them, telling them to repent and take back the accusations on ISIS. One guy tweeted
    “ISIS has not been infiltrated rather it has infiltrated the prisons of Safavids”
  • ISIS is going to get a major boost of fighters. Most of these freed prisoners are going to continue the jihad in the region. After the torture they received at the hands of Safavids, they ‘ll be coming back with vengeance. Many among them are experienced fighters captured by US and the sahwa since 2003, 2006 and 2007 and some are major leaders/amirs of the organization. ISIS will not experience any leadership shortage for a long time to come.
  • It will increase the respect for AbuBakr al Baghdadi. As he resurrected ISIS, sent Jawlani to Syria and expanded there and then fulfilled his promise of breaking the walls of prisons which he made exactly one year ago. This operation will also increase the appeal of ISIS in Syria, Lebannon and among other Sunnis. Already messages congratulating them have been coming from Saudi Arab, Egypt and elsewhere.
  • Lastly, its a major symbolic and propaganda victory. Freeing prisoners is not something ordinary in the eyes of Muslims It is something for which the Muslims revere Muhamad Bin Qasim and Mutasim. When Salil us Sawarim 5 will be rolled out by ISIS, describing the suffering of the prisoners, preparation, attack and then the joy of the prisoners, their interviews, it will attract thousands of Muslims.
    Written by By abu_analyst 
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