Fifteen years ago, Putin started the GENOCIDE in Chechnya to grab oil and gas resources.


A senior Russian leader says that Communist Russia made its plans to invade Chechnya during six months and "had been worked out since March" before the false flag bombing of civilian targets in Russia and the so called Chechen attack on Dagestan which were the official pretext for launching the war.

The invasion of Dagestan in August and the bombings end of August and September were  arranged by Moscow to justify its invasion of Chechnya. 

In an unnoticed reference in Svenska Dagbladet, the Swedish daily, on 6 June  fifteen years ago, the paper's Moscow correspondent Jan Blomgren wrote that one  option being considered by the Kremlin and its associates was "terror  bombings in Moscow which could be blamed on the Chechens (à la Boston Marathon cooker bombs)". This was four months before the first bomb. Mr Blomgren told the Independent that his  sources, whom he cannot name, were familiar with discussions within the  political elite. 

On 8 and 13  September 1999, explosives demolished two working-class appartment blocks in south Moscow leaving 228 men, women and children dead. Three days later a truck exploded in Volgodonsk.
It was the wave of anger and hatred among Russians against Chechens,  universally blamed for the attacks, that gave Vlad 'genocidiaire' Putin the backing he needed to invade Chechnya for its natural resources (#Gazprom
#Rosneft). Putin was an unknown figure when appointed, with just 2%  support in the polls, he was soon the leading candidate to win the presidency. In December Yeltsin was able to retire more gracefully than  seemed possible six months before and Putin became acting president in 2000.

Mr Kagarlitsky alleges that the GRU itself was behind the bombing. 

End of August 1999, Putin's army already bombed a school and a market in Grozny during the peace treaty, killing hundreds of people and over a thousand injured "in a powerful explosion" in the city of Grozny, Chechnya.

And the genocide goes on against Chechen refugees too EU member states like Belgium, France, UK, the Netherlands. They are collaborating with the Kremlin...with the close collaboration of the EU Court of Justice in Strasbourg France. The KGB blackmails them all. Even media moguls are threatened with blackmail files if they come out with this.

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