"Bismillah. No more. No talks. No negociations. No objectivity. No so called guarantee. Latest reports are clear: in three weeks, democratic state terrorists killed more Muslims than Hitler has done in three months to Jews. In the same time, tens of thousands of civilians were killed or jailed, most of them were Ahlal Sunnah wal jama'a. There is nothing negotiable with traitors like the Bani Kalb. So, the ICRSS will sign all publications with #DemocracygoOut!, A slogan similar to that which would lead to the departure of the UN out of the Muslim world inshALLAH. The ICRSS sees no differences now with Assad regime, taghout al-Saoud, taghout king M6 of Morocco or the Egyptian elite: horrors, betrayal and systematic tyranny during the democratic reforms." #Censored31 said.

Egypt's most terrible bloodshed video came to... par f100002648576063