Turkish Alawite general Mihrac Ural responsible for Bayda & Banias massacre


The Bayda and Baniyas massacres were two widely reported on massacres that occurred in May 2013 in the village of Bayda and the city of Baniyas, in Tartus GovernorateSyria, where Syrian Army troops, supported by paramilitaries, killed civilians in the Sunni village respectively the Sunni part of the city. The killings were supposedly in retaliation for an earlier rebel attack near the town that left at least half a dozen soldiers dead. (Wikipedia)

Check out for more info on Banias massacre here 

In this video you hear Turkish Alawite general with Syrian citizenship, Mihrac Ural threatening to massacre all Sunni's in Banias (Published on May 5, 2013 for the first time)

On the 7th of May 2013, the ICRSS immediately issued a warning that the Alawite general committed crimes of #genocide against the Sunni religious group as such.  here

On the 25th of August 2013, we made some print screens from our "interview" with general Mihrac Ural...

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We didn't get any answer because...the general is in full negation. He denies the crime against humanity by blocking us acces to his Facebook page with 1.657 followers?

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In the meantime Turkish Alawite and Syria's general Mihrac Ural, originally from Antioch located where Christanity "began", has a new FB account with no general info (anymore). It hasn't been updated since the 28th of May 2013:

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Nobody is able for the moment to post any comment so we repeat our questions to SAA general Mihrac:

Were your soldiers on MDMA drugs (imported from Antwerp)? Nerede ilaçlar üzerinde asker?
This is your pride? Bu gururun mi?
Bu yaşam kültürüdür? This is the culture of life?
General Maharaja URAL Why?? Why Banias? Why such a massacre? Neden Genel MIHRAC URAL ?? Neden Banias baska bir katliam?

Is this the culture of life that you are defending against Islamic terrorists freedom fighters???

May, Banias 

General Mihrac Ural aka Ali Al-Kayali? Are you responsible for the @chemical_attack on Ghoutta too?