"Who is it today that are the bitter enemies of America, and who opposes the Jews and the rafidhah and all of their tails (followers) from the tyrants? - Who is it that enrages them? - Who is it that threatens their security? - Who unsettles them from their places of rest? - Who became a source of concern for them and terrifies them? - Upon whom do they plot and conspire night and day? - Against whom did they direct all their media and their trumpets to damage the reputation, discredit, distort, disrupt, accuse, slander, incite and gather against? So look to the immigrants (muhājirīn) in the land of Ash-Shām, among which rank are they today? 
"Then let us invoke the curse of Allah upon the liars" [ ﻢُﺛ َّ ﻞِﻬَﺘْﺒَﻧ ْ ﻞَﻌْﺠَﻨَﻓ ﺔَﻨْﻌﱠﻟ َ ﻪّﻠﻟا ِ ﻰَﻠَﻋ َﻦﻴِﺑِذﺎَﻜْﻟا ]
 Shaykh Al-Mujāhid Abū Mu ammad Al- Adnānī Ash-Shāmī - The Official spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq... and Ash-Sham (ISIS) asked.