Iraq forces did not recapture Ramadi

The Iraqi army doesn’t control ‪#‎Ramadi‬ at all.

The "Nazi propaganda machine" & Iraqi army spokesmen are liars.

Even on behalf of fortunate war criminals, like the US Colonel Steve Warren, doesn't mention Ramadi as a whole rather than: "...the clearance of the Government center in Ramadi is a significant accomplishment..."

That's all!

Even ground reports totally contradict "World’s media headlines" AND the Colonel's statement!!!!!

Just because we share verified #News you  disagree with, doesn't automatically means we are "propaganda tools" like the Nazi's and their collaboraters.

Always double-check sources because their ‪#‎truth‬ lies at their horizon.

Here is the latest statement of the "Combined Joint Task Force" in case you got manipulated. ..