Why do they radicalize?


BELGIUM: The “radicalization” process started more than '25 years ago realities' produced by #racism, "white supremacy", ethnic profiling of minority groups, discrimination in schools and colleges, greed & foreign policy responsible for #wars against the #Muslim religious group (which always leads to #terrorism).

That's why #Antwerp province in #Belgium has the most 'Muslim foreign fighters' per capita in the whole world except some Libyan provinces.

All this thanks to one man...

Meet #Breivik's ideological father (*).

Racist mass murderer  Hans Van Themsche from Antwerp was also radicalized by the Flemish xenophobic party Vlaams Belang. #VlaamsBlok.
The Dendermonde nursery attack was a stabbing attack, babies were slaughtered by Kim de Gelder who was also a Flemish nationalist allegedly linked to ....Vlaams Belang.

(*) Anders Behring Breivik’s Complete Manifesto:
 “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”