Antwerp businessman & banker Pieter Ceulen escaped to Siem Reap

The ‪#‎Antwerp‬ businessman Pieter Ceulen (60) who lived in ‪#‎Kiel‬ near a kindergarden & maternity school ‪#‎Blokkendoos‬ was sentenced to 19 years in #Antwerp prison but escaped "miraculously" to Siem Reap in ‪#‎Cambodia‬ with the help of the organised crime & Antwerp judiciary system.

It's worth noting that it's already the second time that the man managed to escape‪ #‎Belgium‬‪#‎Flanders‬

The businessman is known for raping Asian babies.

Police found archive of nearly 400,000 images and movies of white naked elite abusing children.

He's very rich and blackmails powerfull people in ‪#‎EU‬ and #Cambodia.