Belgium is an apartheid nation



While the ‪#‎BBC‬ still wonders if ‪#‎Belgium‬ is an apartheid nation (*), Belgian Taghut minister of police promised a major crackdown on the "Sunni crescent" in Brussels suburbs like ‪#‎Molenbeek‬ in the upcoming days (**)..

One gets a clear view of some broader, very troubling perspectives that these authorities seem to hold.

Its a racist society, wherein whites have more rights than anyone else in ‪#‎Flanders‬ & ‪#‎Brussels‬, its an apartheid system of segregation; its complete disdain for the basic rights of ‪#‎Muslims‬ like 'freedom of religion' which they call 'radical Islam'.

That youth unemployment among Muslims topples 60-70% in #ghetto's thanks to 30 years of 'racist propaganda'. #VlaamsBlok

That the racist, ‪#‎Islamophobia‬ & murderous statements made by government officials like Filip Dewinter all further delegitimize this country & demonize it...and rightly so.

Belgium is now comparted to South African & Israeli apartheid.

That the comparison is valid because the EU Taghut court already convicted Belgium for school‪ #‎segregation‬.

That the fascist social organisation created #ghetto's once again.

That girls with veils are not allowed in schools leaving parents with no other choice but 'homeschooling' or 'home education'.

That women with veils are not allowed to work in state-run administrations. We are not taking about the Saudi's but the Flemish.

That Muslims with beards are not allowed to work either and are systematically being harassed during 'night raids' at home or in public in front of everyone.

‪#‎Journalists‬ systematically depict Muslims as terrorists during pre-trial custody or openly call for their imprisonment or deportation of so called "radical imams" in #Verviers for example.

Radical & non violent Muslims like Jean-Louis Denis suffer 2 years pre-trial custody without seeing his own wife. 

Muslim dissident Fouad Belkacem gets 12 years imprisonment because he was "radicalizing" Muslims & the 'Nazi propaganda machine' depicted him as the leader of a terrorist organization called "Shariah4Belgium". This group burned 1 US flag in the center of #Antwerp, that's it!
In other words, he was simply teaching the basics of #Islam and exposing hypocritical #democracy.

The judicial system denies the Belgian citizenship to Muslims as well which contradicts their own principles of "Jus soli" (***).

It's worth noting that authorities have also sped up a project to segregate Muslims in Belgian concentration centres mostly built in 1850 like Antwerp, Vorst & St. Gilles Prison.

The 'prison pipeline components' try to create terrorists in order to push their various hidden agendas on the Muslims.

One still wonders why this little country became an ‪#‎IS‬ hotbed.

Let's recall that the ‪#‎Antwerp‬ province & #Molenbeek has the highest level of foreign fighters per capita in the whole ‪#‎NATO‬ world.

(***) meaning 'right of the soil' is the right of anyone born in the territory of a state to the nationality or citizenship.