Brussels and Paris are hellholes

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


Many "white supremacists" like ‪#‎Trump‬ can't see the forest for the trees.
"Brussels & ‪#‎Paris‬ are hellholes" because there's no debate about 'fascist attitudes' that led to‪ #‎radicalization‬. Let's talk about the role of ‪#‎media‬ and press who make ‪#‎fascism‬ possible again.
Their only achievement was to rule Muslims and Arabs as "undesirable" in the 'white apartheid nation' in ‪#‎Belgium‬‪#‎France‬ & many other ‪#‎NATO‬ members.
"White exceptionalism" superbly revealed its limitations after ‪#‎CharlieHebdoAttacks‬ &‪ #‎ParisAtacks‬.
Their horrifying outrage became the mirror of bad policy & undefinite 'State of Emergencies'.
An epic fail.
Their nightmares reflect the resurgence of more terror threats while Europe's 'most wanted terrorist' is still out there.
Let’s back up a bit, and talk about the role of the French and Belgian governments who segregate Muslims and ban them from dropping in the labor market.
Veiled girls are not even allowed to enter schools because it's against their "white values".
Ghetto's especially slum areas everywhere occupied by the Sunni minority group (or groups).
Fascists will have to learn to live with "extremist radicals", "terrorist sympathizers", "hate preachers" and "Islamic fundamentalists", keep it straight, avoid stepping on Muslims’s toes, be respectful and respectable.
The 'Nazi propaganda machine' needs to learn the boundaries of what it is legitimate to discuss which led to the coordinated assault on the Charlie Hebdo HQ.

Today, ‪#‎ParisAttackers‬ revealed the emptiness of the ‪#‎Belgian‬ & ‪#‎French‬ identity. Nationalism reached the bottom of the garbage.

Nationalism reached the sewer where ‪#‎YouStink‬.

"White supremacists" have no right answer to this debate, because it’s a question of values.
Muslims and Nazis simply don't share the same values.
In the ‪#‎Tafsir‬ of the Holy Quran, Chapter 109, Surah Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers) Muslims recite:

"Nor will I worship that which you have been worshipping, Neither will you worship That Which I worship."

#Trump's remark were nothing but cheap shots. This Nazi can't take no high ground and avoid controversy by narrowing the boundaries of what it is legitimate to discuss. #Trump is an empty bottle. Voters will only buy thin air by adoring this ‪#‎Taghout‬ and thousands lookalikes.
‪#‎Democracy‬ is a religion. Voters worship idols but they don't really have values.
Look at ‪#‎Obama‬: YES we can. He supervises a drone assassination program now. He killed more than 2000 Sunni's and 90% were innocent civilians who happened to be the neighbours of someone who was on Obama’s 'Kill List'.

#Democracy is an empty box.

No values (anymore).

Democracy is ‪#‎militarism‬ with crumbling infrastructure, social inequality, ‪#‎crime‬ #rape #fraud #corruption #taxEvasion.

Therefore, Nazis need "#scapegoats", a smokescreen in order to justify the massive, social, economic disaster.
#Radicalism is nothing but a reaction to the 'Nazi injustices'. #Muslims are fed up of the "night raids", 'psychological and/or physical torture' in #Auschwits-like prisons or ghettos.
Muslims are left with no jobs, no money, no wife, no hobbies and no future because they are Browns or Blacks or Hispanic or Asian living in 'apartheid nations'.
But the 'demoniacal fascist social organisation' facilitates #drug & #alcohol abuse & prostitution in order to destroy them in order to justify Trump's statement that "Muslims only create hellholes".
It's a matter of 'very bad white policy'!
Muslims around the world, whites, blacks, browns and Asians stand united against 'white #tyranny'.
Race is undoubtedly in the mix, but the Islamic ideology runs deeper than the democracy ideology imposing their will on the Sunni religious group.

May Allah protect the #Ummah