Charlie Hebdo mocks #Allah


Evil, madness & insanity.

The French satirical newspaper 'Charlie Hebdo' to mock Allah, Prophet Mohammad ﷺ, ‪#‎Islam‬ and Believers today in anniversary issue as ‪#‎France‬ remembers terror victims a year on.

That this abominable crime should obviously be condemned firmly but the hypocrites know not.
We try to explain and understand this madness.
How can 'Charlie Hebdo' once again mock #Islam without provoking repercussions (once again) on the French soil?
#‎Journalists‬ have not enough blood on their hands?

Evil, madness & insanity.

It's worth noting that Charlie Hebdo mocked Aylan, the child that drowned.
Charlie Hebdo's cover was: "Proof that Europe is Christian - Christians walk on water - Muslim kids don't!"

These journalists aren’t human beings, such people, they are monsters, demons among men and women.
More monstrous than the carnage that has been unleashed over them.
That they provided justification for centuries of slavery, colonialism, genocide, ethnic cleansing & super exploitation in the African continent and elsewhere.

They aren’t human beings, such people, they are monsters.

A civilization which justifies colonization—and ‪#‎genocide‬ & humiliation—is already a sick civilization.

Today --one year later--the hypocritical satirical magazine, political pundits and mainstream media once again provoked new ‪#‎Parisattacks‬ with the intent to unleash the clash of civilizations, 'Good vs. Evil' in order to justify new wars with the intent to grab oil resources on the Arabian Peninsula.

Makes sense...

#France found this sinister strategy of obfuscating the root causes of terrorism quite useful for the purposes of justifying their 'Global war on Islam'.

The beneficiaries of war, 'State of Emergency' & ‪#‎Lockdowns‬?

The military-industrial-media-national-security industry.

Evil, madness & insanity.

Today-- #France is at war, it's time to place such reactions in a context, and to suggest an explanation & serious debate about "2015: A year of Terror" while referring to the foreign policy & its interventionist military in ‪#‎Syria‬ ‪#‎Iraq‬ ‪#‎Libya‬ ‪#‎Mali‬ ‪#‎Afghanistan‬.

But ‪#‎media‬‪#‎press‬ is anxious to justify their imperial policies of #genocide in the Muslim world.

Journalists, comedians & cartoonists like the magazine 'Charlie Hebdo' justify the French foreign policy responsible for atrocities abroad and ‪#‎escalate‬ it at home to provide fertile grounds for the rise of ‪#‎fascism‬.

That these journalists aren’t human beings, such people, they are monsters, demons among men and women.

Charlie Hebdo makes fascism possible again.

Evil, madness & insanity.

That Charlie Hebdo-type demonization of Muslims makes them think they are safe.
That Charlie Hebdo & supporters consistently ridicules & disproportionately focuses in the most offensive manners possible, the faith, the culture and the life-style of Muslims.

Today Charlie Hebdo mocks Allah and it's (once again) heavily promoted by the media as the slogan of those who have not been overwhelmed by ‪#‎CharlieHebdoShooting‬ & #ParisAttacks.

In a word, this is likely one more instance of blowback.