#Cologne Muslim assaults hoax


There have been reports of sexual assaults carried out in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland amid warnings that gangs are co-ordinating the attacks on behalf of ‪#‎Islam‬

Or was it on behalf of "white exceptionalism".

The fascists claim Muslims were "‪#‎steaming‬" (while their was heavy police presence) and groping women and robbing phones but no one was filming one uploaded one video. 

Don't we live in a connected world where ordinary citizens have smartphones and Twitter accounts and transform themselves in journalists?

Anyway, we expect to see more incidents like these, staged by police and carefully coordinated with the press and media, playing on and building hysteria against not only refugees but Islam as well.

Because ‪#‎racism‬ is political.

It's a great smokescreen in order to hide ‪#‎taxEvasion‬ ‪#‎Fraud‬ ‪#‎corruption‬ & injustice.

Politics, police and mainstream media are always orchestrating 'false flags' in an attempt to justify their hatred against the Sunni religious group.

Whatever the end goal of all this happens to be, it always seems to be working but Allah is the best of planners. 

No picture - no story or when the 'Nazi propaganda machine' makes fascism possible again...