Enough is enough

Bismillah, ar-Rahman, ar-Rahim. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم. I

Disgusting cartoon in Charlie Hebdo magazine today
("what would've become of ‪#‎Aylan‬ had he grown up? 

From the offices of French daily evening newspaper 'Le Monde', Crusader ‪#‎journalists‬ suggesting drowned Aylan Kurdi would have become sex attacker because he was a Muslim boy. Most of them agree and confirm it's ‪#‎funny‬.

We endured their crypto war that the fascists have made against us in order to annihilate the Sunni religious group in the name of exploitations, murders, dispossessions, disrespect & all of the injustices we lived were caused by these #journalists hiding behind "‪#‎FreeSpeech‬". ‪#‎cartoons‬ ‪#‎WMD‬ ‪#‎Hoax‬ ‪#‎wars‬ 

And ‪#‎CharlieHebdo‬ continues to be...


We saw that their war on ‪#‎Islam‬ & Muslims from their new office continued.

Their plan and objective was and is to make war against ‪#‎Muslims‬ until they exterminate us in their concentration camps which they plan to open again.

‪#‎France‬ government & Charlie Hebdo #journalists prepared and prepare, made and make‪ #‎war‬ supported by their new success, taking advantage of their slained cartoonists one year ago.

But they were wrong then.

They are wrong now.

The Sunni religious group are people with dignity, determination, and consciousness. 

We are not Charlie.

We are standing with ‪#‎Justice‬.

That is why Muslims are not local, regional, or even national. Muslims are universal. We are everywhere.

Al Hamdoulillah!
Al Hamdoulillah!
Al Hamdoulillah!

"White exceptionalism" wonders why we are everywhere.

Because the injustices, crimes, dispossessions, disrespect & exploitations are universal and so is the desire to be better then them who mock a small baby #Aylan drowned by ‪#‎injustice‬.

That is why the Sunni religious group understands that it is necessary, no, it's crucial to build our life ourselves, with autonomy.

In the midst of the major threats of the Global militarized Coaliton's ‪#‎genocide‬ on Sunni's, ...Muslims begin to form their own system of governing, their own autonomy, their our own education system despite the 30+ airstrikes on schools, they formed their own health care despite the heinous acts of terrorism on (baby) hospitals, they formed their own communication, their own way of caring for Allah & the ‪#‎Ummah‬; they formed their own politics based upon the Holy Quran and their own ideology based upon the texts of the Prophet Mohammad ﷺ. 

This is what Allah wants & satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo & the whole 'Nazi propaganda machine' dies in their ‪#‎rage‬.

Their "norms & values" sows anything other than terror and hopelessness for the Sunni religious group.

But Al Hamdoulillah there is a Holy book, manual, or doctrine that told Muslims what to do in order to resist & simultaneously, to build something new and better.

The Islamic ‪#‎Caliphate‬.

Maybe not yet perfect, maybe different but always trying to protect our people, the women, men, children and elders who with their collective heart, cover the black flag with their blood that give the Sunni's not only a name, but also a commitment and destiny: ‪#‎Khalifatul‬ Muslimeen 

A promised land.

This is what Muslims are although they do not name us.

Brothers and sisters in Islam.

May Allah protect the #Ummah.