Global warming hoax


BBC: "Global warming: Humans 'dominant cause'"

BBC: "Cold weather - Winners and losers from the long winter" April 2013

BBC: "Western US states baked by blistering heatwave" June 2013

BBC: "Big freeze shatters North America temperature" Jan. 2014

BBC: "UK temperature hits 2014 high as heatwave forecast" June 2014

BBC: "Record-breaking cold descends on eastern US" Feb. 2015

BBC: "Global warming pause 'no longer valid'" June 2015

BBC: "US officials issue 'deadly' cold weather warnings" Jan. 2016

It's now time to expose media lies...

“O Ye who believe! Remember the Grace of God. (Bestowed) on you, when. There came down on you. Hosts (to overwhelm you): But We sent against them. A Hurricane (heatwaves, snowstorms) and forces. That ye saw not: But God sees (clearly). All that ye do.” [Surah Ahazab 33: 9]