China's Plan B


‪#‎China‬ developpement of ports in Myanmar’s Kyaukpyu and in Pakistan’s Gwadar was a strategic success but the Chinese heavily depend on ‪#‎Egypt‬'s ‪#‎Suez‬ canal controlled by a pro-Western puppet regime.
But the region is under a persistent threat of "ISIL" based branch known as ‪#‎WilayetSinai‬ as well.
Taghut president Xi Jinping still depends on ‪#‎Sisi‬'s transportation hub.

China also made the ‪#‎IranDeal‬ great again (*).
Peking manufacturerd the deal with Iran because it doesn't only want to depend on the Saudi oil any longer.

It's worth noting that the region is under the persistent threat of "‪#‎ISIS‬" based branch, known as‪ #‎WilayetNajd‬.
The "Iran deal" will make China less dependent upon the US-backed Saudi regime because the Shi'a Rawafid will raise oil trade exponentially with the Chinese.

To conclude:
China won't interfere militarily if Saudi oil facilities come under attack because it has a plan B for oil & transportation.

But what if the ‪#‎IslamicState‬ raids the Suez canal or the Strait of Hormuz while everyone is concentrated on northern Syria?

(*) China and Iran have always been strategic partners