Fascist Twitter



Is #Twitter flirting with fascism? The question might prove difficult to answer with a resounding “yes or no,” but, to those who have been keeping track of its recent censorship practices, the answer appears to lean heavily toward the affirmative.

It's worth noting that Twitter promote[d] hate speech towards minorities or took “enjoyment in crimes like rape and murder" & refused to remove the material, calling it “controversial humor".

The "Adolf Hitler" account with 410,000 followers contradict Twitter’s terms and conditions which are null and void.

This is just another example of a very long list of how Twitter's Community Double Standards work in actual practice.

Twitter has removed harmless material and banned administrators many times in the past months, this #censorship has been particularly vehement against those who expose the Global Coalition's crimes of #genocide against the Sunni religious group.

In response to this ridiculous censorship, we advise administrators to employ the "shot-put strategy":

Users can post racist, white supremacist content until the goats come home, but, if Muslims criticize chemical genociders #Putin & #Assad or the US-led Coalition, you will be banned. This is Twitter. It uses its ambiguous “terms and conditions” to its advantage.

Twitter is part of the "Nazi propaganda machine".

Twitter's censorship practices are political because its exclusive goal is to increase its profit.

These underpaid Twitter employees & moderators located in Morocco, Turkey, the Philippines, Mexico & #India are exploited. They flag content during 12 hours a day non-stop, 6/7 for a few miserable #petrodollars.

The problem is without a doubt Twitter itself.