Kurdistan is a failed state

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim


Let's recall "#ISIS" frontline is still only 40 minutes drive from Irbil, the so called Kurdish capital.

The KRG's (*) failed to become an oil state like Dubai, #IS or Kuwait so it can no longer pay its own troops & employees.

(*) The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)

The price of a barrel of oil being over $100 in 2013 but #KRG is now believed to be getting just $21, barely enough to cover a third of its expenses. Around 740,000 people are on the government payroll and few have received their full salaries over the past six months; many have been paid nothing at all.

The so called Kurdistan as an oil state is nothing but a failed system now where people got absolutely nothing from the oil revenues while the ruling #Barzani elite received a license to plunder.

That's why the "Kurdish anti-fraud committee" refused to make public Barzani's wealth assets worth Billions through control of oil revenues.

In the meantime more and more "Twitterkurds" are forced to drink water from wells and/or wash cars abroad after risking their own lives trying to make their way to the extreme rich #BENELUX in Europe. Let's recall #Aylan's story or how desperation left a 3-year old boy washed up on a Turkish beach.

That the nationalist Kurds remark that “we don’t even grow our own tomatoes any more”.

The so called Kurdish leaders cannot even afford staff in the '#Halabja Treatment Centre', a large new building in Halabja which was designed to treat the thousands of disabled soldiers.

It is simply empty and has never been used because there is no money.

For the moment, the Iraqi Kurds are politically and militarily strong because other powers need them as cannon fodder in the war against IS, but this will not last in shaa Allah.

Demoralised Kurdish troops start to lose faith in #Rojava.