#PKK splinter group #TAK threatens "Turkey". Who are they?

#PKK splinter group #TAK threatens "Turkey" & Turkish Tourism industry.

#TAK claims responsibility for #AnkaraBlast killing 22 airforce pilots and 6 navigators wounding 61 more two days ago.

The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (Teyrebazen Azadiya Kurdistan) or #TAK, carried out its first attacks in 2004. 

When the rise of the #PKK splinter group began to terrify the Turkish authorities and gruesome pictre flooded the press & Internet, a great deal of questions arose. On 31 October 2010 at 10:34 the '2010 Istanbul bomb blast' was a suicide bombing which took place on Taksim Square in #Istanbulove. The bomb resulted in at least 32 injuries, 15 of whom were police officers & was claimed by the #PKK splinter group known as the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK). Reuters (*) and our first up and coming news Blog (censored) already provided answers for some of these questions, bringing outrage and panic.

After the #AnkaraBlast, the 'Media Studies Center' was the first news outlet to uncover the truth that lied behind the #PKK splinter group #TAK. The information was gathered throughout "social media" accounts and websites that practices and beliefs of "#Rojava" allowing viewers to become informed. Intel sources composed of #PKK, #TAK, #YPG, #PYD, #DBP etcetera and all kind of supporters and/or members sharing their goals to the organization as well as personal views on the formation and continuing expansion of #Kurdistan.

 “The United Kurdistan” contains a great quantity of impact on #Twitter, a high quantity of reporting, propaganda & story telling. The combination of the three elements has and continues to promote the reputation of #PKK terrorist organization as a rising power throughout the world.  

For example, the 'Media Studies Center' came upon this commander of a terrorist organization who threatened Turkey 3 days before the #AnkaraBlast. 

Regarding the international coverage of #PKK's splinter groups, there have been many vague reports that have contributed to the “smog” that hovers over the true facts of the situation.  However, there are other ways that have and continue to help dissipate the cloudy nature of this huge terrorist organization.

The 'alleged' leader is Bahoz #Erdal and said to be hiding somewhere in the Qandil Mountains which is a mountainous area between "Iraq" & Iran. He is from "#Syria" and of Kurdish origin. He was a top commander in the ranks of #PKK and is a physician. The Founder and absolute "leader" is Taghut Abdsatan O├žalan who serves a lifetime sentence in Turkish jail.

The 'Media Studies Center' has been and will continue God's will, to monitor the persistence shown by the #PKK umbrella organization "Rojava” underlying motives that #TAK is driven by which in turn allows & creates a better understanding of this radical terrorist organization.