#AnkaraBlast: How were #TAK/#YPG terrorists able to obtain explosives?

For the second time in a year, #PKK radical terrorists armed with high-powered military grade weapons slaughtered this time 28 members of the Turkish Air Force killing 22 pilots in the heart of #Turkey.

Wednesday's attack has once more raised questions about how Kurdish terrorists were able to acquire military explosives in the first place.

Let's recall that terrorists of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) opened a mission in Moscow beginning of February 2016.

Let's recall that on the 3rd of December 2015, 'Turkey will regret it', said Vladimir Putin in his annual Presidential Address to the Russian Federal government.

Putin has warned Turkey it will "more than once" regret shooting down the Russian fighter jet.

The theory is that Russian organized crime targeted the bus itself as retribution against the downing of the war plane.

Given the speculation, it is a good time to explore the nature of Russia's crime syndicates and to examine just how far they reach in Turkish society and the lengths they will go to ensure that they maintain an iron grip on the enterprises under their control in Turkey.

The Russian organized crime is a huge network throughout Turkish society whose operations include extortion, fraud, cargo theft, prostitution, drug- and arms-trafficking and more. The Russian mafia has penetrated business, state-run enterprises & Tourism Industry to a degree unheard of anywhere else.

The "Russian Maffia" is specialized in contract killings, car bombs, planted explosives & even death by wood chipper. These are all techniques in the Russian repertoires.

It's worth remembering that even former Taghut President Boris Yeltsin called Russia the "biggest mafia state in the world" and "the superpower of crime" in 1994, even he probably had little idea that the situation would escalate so badly.

The criminal organizations have direct access to the Russian government and the most important "components" (families) are all under the control of the #Kremlin.

Former #KGB, Spetsnaz commandos and other government officials continue to provide a significant amount of expertise to the Kurdish separatists as we speak, including intelligence operations, weapons and car bomb training, as well as operational security techniques.

The Russians are specialists in obtaining and transporting explosives at a low cost and under relatively secure circumstances.

They are also deeply tied into the Turkish organized crime who want to get rid of the "Islamists" ruling AKP party..

To be continued. ...