The War on Hospitals

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim


Today, once again airstrikes have hit an MSF-supported hospital in Dara’a, southern Syria, killing 3 people & wounding at least 6 including a nurse.

Hospitals as soft targets with the intent to harm the Sunni religious group as such. #genocide

In recent years, hospitals have found themselves involved in one of the most severe security dangers of the modern era: state terrorism.

Treating victims of airstrikes was not the only challenge facing hospitals and other medical facilities. "White exceptionalism" realized that an attack on a hospital can increase damage inflicted by air attacks.

As the primary target of attack, hospitals may be set upon by pilots. The large number of patients, visitors and medical staff always ensure that an attack on a hospital will produce multiple casualties. Both for this reason and because of the horrific perversity of targeting a place that is dedicated to health and healing, a primary attack on a hospital or maternity unit may be expected to receive extensive traumatic memories.

Above all, since hospitals serve entire Sunni populations, an attack on a hospital is more anxiety-provoking than an attack on almost any other site, because of what is known as “personalization”: prior personal familiarity with a hospital or school would cause anyone to fear that such an attack could easily have involved him or those close to him.

Hospitals are an attractive target for the Global Coalition for another reason, they house materials and knowledge, expensive equipment & materials or research laboratories.

For this reason, hospitals as a rule, must be treated as sensitive security installations & alternative media and media activists should no longer post locations or images because the AmericanSS, French & Russians are watching.

May Allah protect the Muslim #Ummah

In the meantime war mongering journalists & 'Nazi propaganda machine are like: "Never strike a hospital unless you are sure you shall kill Muslims.”

No small silence given the devastatingly destructive impact of the Coalition’s giant military industrial complex on schools, colleges, hospitals, grain silos, bakeries and markets.