Why Islamic educational institutes are under attack

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Why Islamic educational institutes are under attack

#France attacked the 'Itihad Private University in #Manbij, students and staff members were killed in the horrific attack, believed to be a reaction to #ParisAtacks in a bid to fight off the #Khilafah.

The 'Global Coalition' is going after educational institutes, especially the ones affiliated with "#ISIS" in an attempt to target jihadists in ‘all shapes and forms’.

Of course no words of condemnation from "Female education activist" #Malala Yousafzai.

Muslim children are simply being targeted for trying to go to school and get education.

It's no longr simplistic to suggest that all schools and education are under attack now.

The 'Global Coalition' is at war against Islamic education', which they believe is antagonistic to secular teachings.

According to "white supremacists" it's this war that needs to be won for the global war on terror to be a success.

'Students of Knowledge' have become soft targets for the pilots, with military operations all over "#ISIS-country".

The Sunni religious group has experienced over 1,000 attacks on mainstream schools since 9/11.

The symbolism attached to the 'Itihad Private University attack' is self-evident when the 'Nazipropaganda machine' turns a blind eye.