#Belgium cannot disown its own creation, the #Abdeslam Whirlwind

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim 

Allay says:

"Oppression is worse than slaughter"
(Verse 2:190)


Two days ago, the whole world learns that a suspect in the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, has been shot and arrested during a police raid in Molenbeek.

There is perhaps nothing sadder in history than assigning the wrong causes for tragic & fatal events. Sometimes we really want to come up with explanations for why something has happened like the #ParisAttacks.

But the Belgian & #Flanders system in particular does not look for causes because they are the result of decisions they made the last 3-4 decades. 

Perplexing is the fact that there's still no serious debate about:

1) #apartheid 
2) #ghettos 
3) #fascist oppression  
4) #discrimination 
5) #injustice 
6) #segregation 
7) #racism 
and #polarisation of an ethnic and religious group by the Nazi propaganda machine: Moroccan Muslims.

The truth is that the "white supremacy ideology" has chosen this privileged economic order in which the beneficiaries & game winners are always whites. It's in their genes we presume.
They have in turn used their fortunes to lobby in support of that ideology. So, the military-media-industrial-judiciary-national security and educational complex moved away from serving the common good of an egalitarian striving #democracy into a dark....apartheid nation. Hence, these people really believe they are the super race. So far it has achieved its greatest success by reaching the world media headlines all over the world with its "Jihadi town #Molenbeek". 

The whirlwind was gathering because the increasing number of those who have been left out from this apartheid nation are seriously increasing by day.

We also see that the Belgian Nazi propaganda machine has been using a strategy of coded hate, discrimination, xenophobia, misogyny to gather the support to their camp for almost thirty years!


Belgium cannot disown their own creation, its oppression against Muslims & the #Terror Whirlwind. 

History repeats itself. ..what a bloody & horrific past!
A history of oppression and slaughter.

 #CongoGenocide #Holocaust