#PKK/#YPG commits war crimes, forced displacement and demolition in Northern "Syria"!

Safwan (25), who spoke to #Amnesty International in a nearby village where he was temporarily residing, said that he too was forced to leave his home. “They told us we had to leave or they would tell the #US coalition that we were #terrorists and their planes would hit us and our families,” he said. “We left so we would be safe from their snipers and the planes… In #Raneen some people were with #IS, there were lots of airstrikes, but we had nothing to do with anything.”

Salim (46) told Amnesty International that #YPG "fighters" who came to the village to tell residents to flee also opened fire on the livestock of local herders. He recalled:
"The first day [of Ramadan, 18 June]… a group of YPG fighters dressed in military camouflage uniforms arrived. They were aggressive. They entered my home and searched it. They said they were searching for guns. They went outside and shot at my neighbour’s sheep. The people started gathering. A YPG fighter asked us to leave the village in Arabic… [but] we insisted on staying… They told us that we had to leave because it is a military zone."

Husseiniya in early August 2015, the Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (#YPG). Arab residents said there were approximately 90 homes in the village. One resident told #Amnesty International:
"We stayed at home… They [the YPG] said, ‘Stay in your homes. We won’t bother you. We have come to liberate you [from IS]. We just want the names of the people that are wanted.’ But then they wouldn’t even let us take our clothes out of the house… They pulled us out of our homes and began burning them… Then they brought the bulldozers and they began demolishing the homes… Every time I tried to come near the house they would push me back…"

Note: Of course the 'Media Studies Center' doesn't recognise the Taghutiya #ICC in The Hague.


Rojava of committing war crimes.
In a 38-page report, "'We Had Nowhere Else to Go': Forced Displacement and Demolition in Northern Syria,”