Belgium and France: A stopped clock is, after all, right twice a day!

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

The #Belgium media propaganda & mainstream press are crusading for military intervention in Syria & #Libya. Journalists want more monstrous airstrikes on Muslims.

That they have been a cheerleader for a disastrous war against "ISIL" and continue to do so because journalists feel safe in their fortresses.

It's worth noting that media outlets already won notable policy victories against the supposedly 'Islamization' of the Belgian society.

In the last three years alone, the newspapers have published more than thousand articles about Muslim men & women, publishing hundreds of names, addresses & pictures openly calling for their arrests.

That the mainstream press & media has drawn a massive attention to Charlie Hebdo's cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammad´Ě║.

Let's recall that the Belgian & #Flanders propaganda machine is fully engaged in the extreme far-right rhetoric for almost 2 decades, they openly incite #Islamophobia.

The "white supremacists" are in full #denialism of course.


A stopped clock is, after all, right twice a day!
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