Belgium wants civil war?

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

#Belgium & #Flanders escalatethe harassment, the oppression & surveillance of Muslims, taking once again a page from some of its darkest days. #CongoGenocide #NaziCollaboration

After the Brussels bombings, Belgium announced it was working with the US to intensify airstrikes in Syria.

That the toxic cocktail of escalating violence against Muslims in #MENA (*), increasing surveillance of Muslims and dehumanizing Muslims has been a major Western policy for more than 14 years now. The phrase they use for it is the “War on Terror” or the "War on Radicalization".

(*) Middle East and North Africa

That the Flemish bloodthirsty hordes scream for increased violence & hate towards minorities like Muslims for almost 3 decades which gave birth to the highest numbers of "ISIS" foreign fighters per capita in the whole world. 

That #Brussels with its 1 Million population is also in World's Top 3 qua foreign fighters per capita and Antwerp Province with its 1M population is also in World's Top 4 qua foreign fighters per capita.

The Flemish hate & war rhetoric against Moroccans have only increased support for "ISIL".

Racism and discrimination is on the rise in the middle of a massive refugee crisis, which is spilling over into Europe because of airstrikes on heavily populated areas.

That extreme right wing parties like N-VA & #VlaamsBlok just add to the chaos and bloodshed.

#Flanders is as discriminatory as the Shia government in Baghdad or the ruthless Shia militias in Iraq and the repressive and violent Assad regime in Syria or the apartheid nation "Israel".

These nations have been looting of the region’s energy resources for centuries in the Muslim world and #Congo.

Muslims & Moroccans feel alienated, they feel like they are excluded from a society, which discriminates against them, dehumanizes them, distrusts them & shoves them into the economically disadvantaged margins of society.

In apartheid nations like Belgium and France, the racism & discrimination against Muslims is well documented & unemployment rate for Arabs and Africans in Paris’ & Brussels suburbs is over 75%!

Browns suffer from school segregation & white educators are bullying them the whole day in day out.

#Hollywood à la Tony Montana and the 'Culture of Gangsta Rap' learned them if they want a beautiful woman they need to become a gangster.


Bombing the Middle East & North Africa and the increasing oppression against Muslims will only exacerbate #terrorism and give birth to "ISIS in MENA".