#BrusselsBlasts: The ultimate trial of #Belgium society

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

#BrusselsBlasts: The ultimate trial of #Belgium society

After #BrusselsAttacks, the fascist far right-wing have seized once again as an opportunity to further erode the moral fabric of Belgian society in a bid to serve their political and ideological interests.

More and more people are convinced that these terrorist attacks were the result of an endless list of injustice, oppression, racism, racial discrimination and a bloody foreign military policy in the Muslim world.

That the cold-blooded murder of Afghans, Libyans, Mali citizens or Muslims living in "#ISIS" controlled areas is an “official” taboo for the “most moral army in the world”: Belgium.

That the Nazi propaganda machine response to the Brussels bombings may serve as a milestone on the long and ugly road toward complete dehumanization of Moroccans or Muslims as a whole and the resulting collapse of Belgian society.

Today #rtltvi proudly announced at least 40% "want" civil war!

There's absolutely no serious debate about #apartheid, #ghettos, #fascism or #segregation.

In #Flanders, Neo-Nazi forces are using the recent events as an experiment. Their goal is to test the Belgian mainstream reaction.

The precedent will solidify the complete dehumanization of Arabs, Moroccans or Muslims and pave the way for further fascist attitudes and even genocide.

There are all sorts of ways to react in protest against #terrorism other than to drop bombs from an F16 in the middle of a Muslim crowd.

That is why  cannot be explained without taking into account the “fanatic” aspect of it.

Although there isn't any truly scientific explanation for phenomena as complex as #terrorism as well. ...religious radicalization, in the sense of a more rigorist but also a more political interpretation of Islam is on the rise, it's called: #Tawheed.


More and more people realize that the incompetent, war mongering politicians talk about #Islam is to take spotlight off their shortcomings: #democracy

History might repeat itself. ..only this time not Jews but Muslims.