School segregation in apartheid nations like Belgium & France

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim 


The deeply Vetted institutional racism and sexism in #Antwerp & #Brussels informs the behavior of the police. The recent 'Police Scandals' highlighted once again the deep-seated racism in the Belgian "justice" system and how it targets people of color & Muslims.

Brown students are more likely to be disciplined while in school, a process of targeting that begins in primary schools where children with a Muslim background make up majority of students will be suspended throughout their school careers. 

That Brown boys are more than 8 times as likely to be suspended or expelled as white boys. 

That white parents and white students massively boycott "Brown schools".

A few minor efforts were made at desegregating schools which automatically led to white families fleeing to the suburbs or to private schools. 

That many schools are more racially segregated today as ever before.

That the social-fascist organization defunds the public school system in order to purchase dozens of F35 fighter jets.
One F35 takes as much as $130 Millions or one school building.

That in the meantime white educators scream “We are not running a concentration camp here but a good portion of Browns act like a bunch of terrorists!”

That apartheid nations like Belgium and France transferred the education model in schools to a carceral model & accept the violent consequences that comes with it. 

That as a result black and brown youth were demonized in the public mind. “Kids are sympathizing with Daesh!"

Since #ParisAttacks & #BrusselsBombings police are added to the equation. 

That this racist disciplining creates and feeds the school-to-prison pipeline in apartheid nations like Belgium and France.

It's also worth noting that respect for the police was at an all-time low after a tsunami of night raids.

#NATO citizens endorse the segregation of schooling.

As wealthy parents flee the public school system, "white supremacists" are all too happy to see the heavily armed police take in their place.


#NATO-citizens & supporters must realize that their governments will have to increase public investment in education or the boomerang flies back into our face.


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