Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Allah ﷺ says : "Association (*) is worse than slaughter" (Verse 2:190)

(*) Shirk Akbar


They are the terror they claim to fight, the Tawagheet dress it in noble words. They promise people their bombs on Muslims will not harm a hair on their heads.

 Today, no one is safe from Timbuktu to Brussels, from Ottawa to Jakarta.

Tawagheet always claim they have nothing against the Muslims —only against the 2d leaders; then they bomb markets, bridges, water supplies, grain silos, industrial bakeries, electrical grids, schools, (maternity) hospitals, mosques & libraries.

They poison the Muslim land with depleted uranium and raise whole crops of human cancers for generations.

Tawagheet send drones. They fund, train & arm drug addicted streetdogs and barbaric militias. They terrorize the Sunni religious group for their political ends. They claim they are the humanitarians of the “international community.”

They are the perpetrators of genocide against Sunni's.

The members of parliaments broke the peace to wage a war of choice.

Tell me one crime of aggression the #UN “international community”, the dogs of war, have not committed with impunity since the 'Global war on #Islam'?

In the meantime journalists are like serpents in a pit, to justify more military interventions against Muslims.

How do they get away with it?  Allah ﷺ knows best. ..