#Antwerp Massacre: Ten years later nothing changed.


Turning the World into Hell. Exactly Ten years, a "white supremacist" inspired by the anti-Islam Party #VlaamsBlok (just like #Breivik btw) set out on a bloody rampage in Antwerp. In the morning he shaved his head down to the neck like "skinheads" usually do. He put on combat boots and went to a store to buy a rifle. Dressed as a “Nazi” he walked through the town and shot at three people who crossed his path: a veiled Turkish woman, a two year old Flemish toddler on a tricycle and her black nanny, killing the last two and seriously wounding the veiled Muslimah.

It's worth remembering that Hans Van Themsche was inspired by an agressive, warring, political ideology.

We must upproot this ideology of evil.

Sometimes the way to defeat an evil ideology is just to demonstrate how evil it is.

Apartheid nation #Belgium has no political resolve whatsoever to end #fascism #segregation #Islamophobia, #racism, #VlaamsBlokhate & "white supremacy" because this evil ideology infiltrated from head to toe.