#Brussels: Number 3 of incarceration

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim 

Hellhole #Brussels: World's Number 3 of incarceration 

"And Your promise is true, and You are the most just of Judges!'” [Sūrah Hūd: 45] 

#EU-state Brussels remained number 1 among the EU members states, with 1,430 in prison, a rate of 140 per 100,000. The capital of the EU leads Europe in incarcerating Muslims, Browns & Blacks, this means Brussels Prisons #Forest & #StGilles are number three in the world. Compare Brussels’s rate of 140 prisoners per 100,000 with US-states like #Oklahoma's 892 and #Louisiana or Russia’s 492, China with 119, France with 100 & Germany with 78 or Norway with 9.

It's worth noting that the number of prisoners expanded nation-wide as a result of the “war on Terror” which was conducted in a racist way to target Muslims and Moroccans.

Belgium has been much more severe in sending members of minority & ethnic groups to prison than whites, especially when rich or pedophile. #ChodievKGB 

The US, Russia, Belgium & France havr a very long history of running abusive prisons.

Although you cannot stretch your legs at night without kicking someone in Bangkok Remand Prison or Tanger Prison at least you can spend the night with your spouse if you can afford a 'room'.

That said, conditions at Brussels are “medieval, squalid and horrifying.” Today, conditions are so terrible that EU must declare Brussels Prisons a “state of emergency.”

On top of that there's a general strike of Prison guards who launched an inhumane strike more than three week ago which prevents "terror suspects" (Muslims) to defend themselves in 'fake trials'.

Many reports of physical abuse, strip searches, verbal abuse, humiliation, intimidation, loud hard rock/heavy metal music like #sepultura during transfer from prison to Taghutiya Court with the intent to discourage "terror suspects" who want to speak out during "fake trials". 

This whole situation pushed the government to bring in the army.

It's probably not like North Korea, #Nigeria or Assad's torture Prisons now but it definitely looks like #Auschwitz said Patrick Henry. 

In #Baston, #Norway prisoners know they are prisoners but they feel like people but in #Belgium Prisons, Muslims and Moroccans, they feel like 'terrorists'.

They spent years of the 23 hours with three, in a cell room of 9m² with a matras, a TV, a chair, a table and a bucket for toilet.
Muslims are not allowed to eat 'hallal' meat or chicken.
They are not allowed to make 'call for prayers' #adhan.

Muslims are sent to prison because they said: "My Lord is none but Allah!" And nothing else. The Tawagheet put Sunni's in these two terrible prisons in Brussels or 19th century old concentration prisons in #Antwerp Province to make them suffer and generate "terrorists" at the same image of "Camp Bucca" in "Iraq" which laid basics for the 'rise of #IS'.

It doesn't come as a surprise that Brussels has the highest reoffending figures in Europe because the man made system litteraly fails. It's an epic fail. A total failure. 


#NATO-citizens demand that "Justice" who releases people from prison "should be less likely to cause further harm or distress to others and better equipped to live as law-abiding citizens."

But the social-fascist organization doesn't want to live in a crime-free or terror-free nation because they need '#voters'.

That's how #democracy works.

After reading this piece you’d think that #apartheid nation Belgium had been taken over by child-hating Nazis who protect #pedophiles and oppresses Muslims.