Profiling an excellent tool to prevent airport terror attacks?

#Profiling an excellent tool to prevent airport terror attacks?

#Belgium and France tightened or reviewed airport security following twin explosions at Brussels Airport 6 weeks ago.

The authorities now want to adopt a type of passenger profiling, enabling check-in agents to concentrate on destinations and passengers who pose a higher security risk, which is the kind of technique, airport security experts say, that should be used in European and American airports to prevent more deadly attacks like the one in the Brussels airport.

These security experts are against screening for all. Instead, they say, more effort should be made on targeting the small percentage of passengers who are more likely to present a heightened security threat.

They say that authorities should concentrate on those [whose backgrounds, religion or nationalities] have a history of blowing up airports to prevent chaos at the security entrance.

                          Brussels airport yesterday 

Israeli security experts claim they don’t need to target Swedish grandmas in Stockholm when they have never been a threat before.

But these so called "security experts" forgot one thing.

"ISIS" bombers could act as helpful strangers asserting someone else who may have dropped something, asking the time or for directions or even a light for a cigarette and at the same time adopt commonly reported tricks like for example for a group of three "ISIS" bombers surround an intended victim with two behind perhaps and one in front with the intent to switch identical set of luggage via snatch theft techniques, pickpocket and distraction tactics in order to sneak in a bomb inside #BrusselsAirport again.

That old Swedish grandma just slipped through the security gate because "profiling" is not an excellent tool. It has no sense whatsoever to distinguish between people based on skin color, gender or religion. Did the Swedish grandma made trips to Syria? No. Did she made recent purchases of chemicals? No. Did she burned or injured hands? No. Is she wearing gloves? No. Is the Swedish grandma entering the Brussels airport with a set of luggages full of (undetectable) explosives?


In the aftermath of Brussels attacks Belgian authorities clearly did not improve security at all.