#BurkiniBan: Not fighting for the 'Soul of France' but for the 'Soul of al-Islam'

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim 

The Burkini Ban: Not fighting for the 'Soul of France' but for the 'Soul of al-Islam'

With a presidential election approaching next year, Taghut Manuel Valls supported the prohibitions of #burqini, #boerkini in #France on Wednesday August 17.

Many Muslim women have complained of being singled out on mixed beaches even when covered by other kinds of garments, without even raising the question of whether the #burkini is allowed in Islam or not.

It's forbidden, wearing the burkini in mixed areas is #haram by the Qur'an.

Allah orders: "And stay in your homes and do not go about displaying your allurements as in the former Time of Ignorance." (Sourate 33 aya 33)

Or in Sourate 31 aya 24:

It is forbidden because Allah says "wa laa tabarrajna tabarrujal..." based on the principle of Islamic jurisprudence otherwise known as Uṣūl al-fiqh (Arabic: أصول الفقه ) or determination of rules,
Usul al-fiqh generally explains the origin and nature of Islamic laws (Al-hukm al-shar`i).

Allah indicates that one hukm is to be considered as #haram imposed initially by following indicate: "...Laa..."
Why the uproar over 'burkini ban' at #free mixing beaches?
Pious women shouldn't attract glances from men on beaches.
A Muslimah is allowed to leave her home unless there is a necessity or legitimate reason for them to do.

#France didn't won this battle. 

#Islam won it.