The Monsters of Frankenstein

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim 
The 'Two Monsters of Frankenstein'
No bloody US intervention comes without Fareed Zakaria & Christiane Amanpour's Nazi-like propaganda.

CNN's Anchorwoman Christiane Amanpour & notorious Bilderberg member Fareed Zakaria (*) influence millions of US citizens every week.(*) #Time suspended Zakaria for #plagiarism 
But why have we fallen under their propaganda?
Their role is simple.
Indeed, the daily pounding, the name calling, lying & deception sInce the 'Fall of Fallujah & Ramadi' back in January 2014 served as a justification for the 'War on Muslims'.
But today, their relentless disinformation campaign is even geopolitically destabilizing Europe putting white "liberties" at risk.  
The "Two monsters of Frankenstein" are selling US policies to the American people and their allies like sweet bread. 
They endanger "Western liberty" & risk a global security threat with fatal consequences.
They do it only to make a name for themselves while setting up a platform for an endless war (*) against Muslims.(*) untill 'The Last Day'
At least they will enjoy job security.
Today Amanpour, Zakaria and so many other journalists are accomplice of the huge #refugee crisis and to genocide against the Sunni religious group as such.
They couldn’t have justified their own propaganda any better than Goebbels or Hitler himself. 
Journalists are the cement between the US military and crimes of #genocide against #Muslims all over the planet.
They intentionally hide the massacres on Muslims.
The news suppression deliberately hides victims and their families of Coalition airstrikes because that's why they are paid for.
That's why they are Monsters hiding behind screens.
Today, they will continue to attempt to fan the flames of War on Sirte, Mosul and Raqqa and many more places to come.
This will trigger more bloodshed and more migration to the #Schengen-zone.
For what?
Only for greater authority and more recognition. #Tawagheet 
But they desperately need more "targets", more bodies to justify their lucrative jobs.
Make no mistake about it, these 2 war mongering demons set the trend for the Western media and make the agenda of politicians who vote airstrikes on Muslims.Secondly, to ensure the people they defend the 'Foreign policy' (mass murder).Thirdly, that the people have to pay the price for their illusionary freedom.