Undercover exposed

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim 


One of those stories that make you wonder why Al-Qaeda groups were infiltrated at all. 

Apparently protecting the identity of the undercover  CIA officer –Lindsey Snell – was not as important than sharing the intelligence she had gathered about Jihadists all along.

Today Turkish newspaper Hurriyet release a profile of a female journalist whom now believe was a undercover CIA Agent.

However, the final, definitive bit of documentation that would 100% confirm this person as a CIA officer is missing. For that reason we refer to her as "Lindsey Snell" and pictures & quotes of her public Twitter account two days ago are included.

The Turkish Newspaper called her “US agent", or let us call it “an unforgivable shameless, a terribly public mistake". #Langley will blame the media, you can bet on this one.
The Turkish media committed a crime against the national security of the United States of America.

But she revealed too much information as well, not that she was really an undercover agent but who worked as a reporter kidnapped at the exact time & location.

She used a fake identity and her real name is still a mystery.

Despite being arrested at the Turkish-Syrian border she was released without charge within a few hours. 
In other words, she had diplomatic immunity. 

I always knew since 'The fall of Kobane' that she was working for a spy agency 
until she was exposed by the Hurriyet newspaper.

An undercover agent for the CIA, Lindsey Snell kept her occupation and her identity a secret, probably even to her own friends and family, to avoid compromising her work as a spy recruiter.

Why would someone in the Turkish army & media go that far, compromising her to the press? Is it in retaliation for the failed Coup? Is it because USA refused to extradite CIA agent #Gulen?

We know what happens when an agent for the CIA is exposed.

It's a spy agency. And you don't expose people working for a spy agency. No one really knew that she was working for a spy agency until she was exposed by the Hurriyet newspaper.

News Agencies is a CIA fiction, created to provide cover for agents like Lindsey Snell. 

Two years ago, when the War Reporter put the name "Lindsey Snell" into the public debate over the war against the Sunni Caliphate in Kobane, I found that particularly strange to see her as the only Western journalist standing next to the grain silos exactly where John Cantlie was standing a week ago.

Today she is out there, what they would call naked.

She won't be able to conduct espionage and recruit agents among Al-Qaeda or other factions.
As soon as the identity of a covert agent is released, there is some damage 
All the agents she recruited could be in danger now.
She will no longer be able to ensure that her assets, her projects, her programs and her operations are protected.

Because a clandestine officer without a cover overseas might be subjected to unravel the whole thing.

It's impossible for her to remain in the clandestine service of the CIA.

But no problem, these kind of people grow on trees.