France wants civil war

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim


French Nazi media & #UMPS are becoming unhinged as its anti-Muslim propaganda struggles to keep a hold on its consumers.

The ruling elites (#UMPS) in #France have been quietly pushing for 'Civil War' for years.

Could public attitudes in #France towards Muslims have anything to do with their preference for peace over war???

That's the question. ...

Imagine 2018: "The ministers of France agreed on Sunday there should be greater international efforts to end the fighting in Paris & Marseille"

Imagine 2019: "The agreement spells out measures to be taken on both sides, including cessation of military hostilities & prisoner exchanges"

The same political actors who are now actively escalating the situation will have to work for a de-escalation of the situation in the future.

Today we are all witness how they are constantly adding fuel to the fire. 

Today, French are silent about provocative airstrikes on Muslims abroad which is then applied to illegal & criminal war against the Muslims

But that hardly makes 'white moderates' as terrorists. As a matter of fact, that would be an entirely lawful act, consistent with their laws.

🚨 Propaganda disguised as news or policy is the modus operandi of #UMPS in reporting on Muslims, contributing to make the conflict happen!🚨

The #agitprop lessens the pressure on #Hollande that would otherwise focus on #jobloss, therefore it needs a civil war but which price are the French willing to pay?

#France could become a magnetic field of foreign fighters just like "Syria".