Assad will fight on in Idlib


The defeat of the rebels in east Aleppo came faster than was expected.
This is largely due to 4,000 experienced fighters belonging to JN (al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria) and their close ally the Ahrar al-Sham backed by FSA Command went to fight the forces of the Khilafah for the sake of Taghut 'Money'.

The weakness of the resistance in Aleppo is probably the result of Euphrates Shield operation in Manbij, al-Bab, Jarablus ...

The "opposition" were also divided & different parties fought each other for the sake of power and money.

The "opposition" continues to turn a blind eye on treacherous Turkey and realised 2 days ago they were not going to do anything to support them in Aleppo against the Syrian regime backed by Russian and Iranian militias.

The Syrian government’s strategy since 2012: Surrounding rebel held zones and depopulating them through shelling and bombing.

Next goal: Idlib

Rebels will fight on in Idlib, where they will put once again their hope and trust solely to Turkey & in the south where they get aid though Jordan. But they will loose their enclaves. They will be betrayed while the "rebels" will continue to sacrifice their lives in order to secure control of Turkey-Syria border and west of the Euphrates River.
Turkey and Jordan will look the other way when the "opposition" will get in trouble and Allah knows best.