USA accused of supporting 'barbarism' over Syrian conflict.

The Khilafah accused USA on Saturday of supporting “barbarism” over the bombing of the Syrian city of Palmyra in a statement released by A'Maq News Agency that produced some of the most bitter accusations of the five-year-old conflict.

The accusations against USA which included claims the Obama administration was condoning war crimes, came as T4 Airbase was bracing for an onslaught by the forces of the Khilafah.

In theory, the US and the Syrian regime are not working together.

However, yesterday's airstrikes in support of the Syrian Army near T4 airbase which is the largest in "Syria", clearly underlined once again the close collaboration between Washington and Damascus.

What USA is doing is not counterterrorism, it's siding with #barbarism.

This comes while bombs continued to rage around Aleppo.

USA & Western allies that Russia and Iran also backs the Syrian regime, are accomplices to war crimes because they NEVER stopped or threatened President Bashar al-Assad to stop the crimes of genocide against Muslims since 2011.

That all efforts were made to isolate the Sunni Caliphate and support for the Syrian regime.

Obama's support for airstrikes near T4 airbase carried out by Coalition forces blatantly contradicts the West's claims that it doesn't support the Syrian regime.

At least 88 Sunni civilians have died in two days of US-led Coalition airstrikes on Hama, Palmyra and Raqqa that has pounded populated neighbourhoods, in support for Assad's army forces.

That aid workers struggle to reach Muslims trapped under the rubble.