Belgium to deport birthright Muslim citizens without verdict

Apartheid nation Belgium is even more radical than Nazi France because it passed the 'Revocation of Naturalization Act' a natural born Islamic citizen or citizen at birth subjected to become 'former Islamic citizens' who are denaturalized and are subject to removal (deportation) including parents citizens of children.. WITHOUT any Taghutiyya court verdict.

"Just like in the good old days"

Belgium and USA already eliminated that differential treatment of Islamic citizen mothers and fathers before any Western nation.

Belgium also doesn't recognise Muslims' Jus soli meaning 'right of the soil', commonly referred to as birthright citizenship.

So basically it can deport any Muslim man, woman or child who says "My Lord is none but Allah."

But white father suspected of double infanticide in Soumagne remains free.

#Democracy and "justice" for all.
Nationalism and populism-manipulation makes fascism and terrorism possible again...

White silence equals violence.